Future Cowboys

Drawing on everything from rock and americana to R&B, EDM and hip hop, these cowboys from the future more than live up to their name. The Future Cowboys are genre bending. Combining country-esque vocal delivery, protest lyrics, soulful melody and modern, electronic production, Jamie Bernstein, Eren Cannata and Miguel Oliveira have melded their talents into a musical Picasso.

Life On Mars! is the Future Cowboys’ new album about life, love and environmental disaster from writers Jamie Bernstein, Eren Cannata & Miguel Oliveira. Their initial collaboration yielded a six song EP titled Going Kamikaze, which was named one of the 50 best albums of 2018 by OffBeat Magazine.


Jamie Bernstein

Jamie Bernstein

Jamie Bernstein lives in Mid-City with his Artist wife Muffin and their two dogs. He grew up on the side of an Applachian mountain in West Virginia in a TeePee while helping his parents build their first log cabin at the age of 4. He learned at an early age what 100 proof meant as well as how to skin a deer and read by candlelight. In eighth grade he moved to Florida where he studied theater in highschool. After a few years at Florida State University he returned to West Virginia focusing on music and healing. His first band was Moonshine Logik a collaboration with his longtime friend Dennis Ott?  Jamie decided to journey to New Orleans in 1996 to develop his poetry and love of music. By 2007 he produced People Get Ready Now for James “12” Andrews. Jamie then formed his own band J the Savage which produced two albums Songs from the Tree of Life and Very Same Dream. Jamie released Whoon Dang and You Don’t Know Me as solo projects. His song South of Laredo has been covered by Jimbo Mathus on his recent album Incinerator.  

In 2017, Jamie built on his years of collaboration and experimentation and joined forces with Miguel Oliveira of Patherburn Studios and Emmy-winning writer/producer Eren Cannata to form Future Cowboys. Exploring a wide sonic palette, the trio cut Going Kamikaze, a six song EP that landed on the Offbeat Magazine Top 50 list in 2018. They got right back to work and Life on Mars! iIs the result of sessions in New York, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. The new record, due in April 2020, delivers on the promise of the EP and signals an exciting direction for Jamie’s musical vision.

Eren Cannata

Eren Cannata is an Emmy award-winning songwriter, producer, musician and co-owner of Cove City Sound Studios. Eren recently signed to Warner Chappel / Facet House under world-renowned songwriter Justin Tranter, and industry powerhouse Katie Vinten, working with today’s biggest artists, writers and producers. He recently produced and played keyboards on Commander in Chief, Demi Lovato’s hit protest song.

Having a famous saxophonist as his father, Eren grew up in New York fully immersed in the music scene touring with Billy Joel and The Beach Boys, distinctly remembering Carl Wilson teaching him how to sing harmonies backstage at 7 years old. In his early twenties, Eren stepped out and successfully released his first solo album in which one of the tracks landed a placement on the hit TV show Dawson’s Creek. Since then, he’s collaborated as a writer, producer and/or musician with some of the most talented and influential artists of our time, including Demi Lovato, Ryan Lewis, Justin Tranter, Paul Simon, Idina Menzel, Bebe Rexha, Absofacto, Jon Bellion, Watt, Timbaland, Fifth Harmony, CID, and Shea Diamond. He has also written songs for Academy Award-winner Brie Larson, Platinum-selling Atlantic Records artist Chef’Special, and has collaborated to produce and write audio art installations in multiple contemporary museums across the United States, including his upcoming installation with the Smithsonian in 2020.

Eren’s passion for philanthropy has driven him to become involved with the Boys and Girls Club of America, where he and his wife Kristen developed a songwriting program called S.O.N.G. (Sounds of a New Generation), which teaches the art of writing and creating a hit song to inner city kids.

Eren’s multifaceted skills and experience has made him a crucial force in establishing the songwriting program for the New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music by creating their current curriculum and advancing it every year through teaching and mentorship.

Eager for a new challenge, Eren moved to LA in 2017 to further his body of work writing and producing while surrounding himself with people who value inclusivity and acceptance for all. He is proud that the work he is involved in is helping to create a better world for current and future artists in the music industry. Through his determination to create music that affects change, his ability to connect with artists on a personal level, and his refusal to give up, Eren has been able to establish himself as a force in the music industry.

Miguel Oliveira

Miguel Oliveira is a singer songwriter who works in developing new and exciting artists for Pantherburn Studios, a company he founded in 2017. His life long love for music surfaced after a long career in the news broadcasting field. Miguel started out working with Peter Jennings at ABC news and later Diane Sawyer at 20/20 which culminated into a lengthy stay at CNN, with Anderson Cooper and Paula Zahn.

In his 15 years spent in news broadcaster, Miguel took on the roles of news anchor, reporter, field producer, operations producer encompassing the entire spectrum of the News Gathering profession. Miguel has been a member of several Emmy and Peabody award winning news teams, covering natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and humanitarian crisis in war torn zones. He speaks 5 languages.