Jamie Bernstein enlists Emmy-winning producer to form Future Cowboys

By: Offbeat Staff

Singer-songwriter, producer and actor Jamie Bernstein is an already established Americana musician from New Orleans, but thanks to a partnership with some new blood, he’s making a departure.

Future Cowboys is the result of Bernstein’s work with Emmy-winning producer Eren Cannata. Together, the two released “Choose,” the music video for which can be seen below. According to Bernstein, “The mastermind behind teaming Cannata up with me was my old friend, Miguel Oliveira. Miguel had been experimenting with Cannata, adding modern production techniques to singer-songwriter music with his production company Pantherburn Studios. He felt I’d be a perfect fit to help them bring their sound to the next level, lyrically and vocally.”

Miguel’s instincts proved to be correct, says Bernstein. “The collaboration between the three songwriters yielded six finished tracks; ‘Choose’ was recorded in November of 2017 in Miguel’s home studio in Sagaponack, New York.” Eventually, the three decided to continue their trajectory by taking the project to “the motherland of music, New Orleans, for completion.” Renting a historic home on Solomon Street by City Park, the three utilized the natural sounds of the old house and small but stately piano to complete four more tracks.

“Choose” is the first single to be publicly released from the Future Cowboys. The entire EP may be previewed at the Future Cowboy’s website.

The EP in its entirety will be released in October when the production on the vinyl records is complete. The record is being pressed by the New Orleans Record Press on Montegut street in the Upper 9th.



“Going Kamikaze expands Bernstein’s Americana songwriting through hip-hop and electronic music techniques. The anthemic quality of some songs alludes to such arena-rock acts as U2.”